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power of the pencil

Imagine…Power of the Pen for grade schoolers! Imagine no more.

Based on Power of the Pen’s success, the program’s State Committee—a distinguished panel of educators and school administrators representing all of Ohio—has charged Power of the Pen to extend our reach to the 5th and 6th grade levels where students first explore the use of language for self expression.

Today, with major funding from The Ohio Arts Council, The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, The GAR Foundation, and The Turner Foundation, the vision for Power of the Pencil is becoming a reality.

In 2006-2007, Power of the Pencil will be seeded in communities around the State, and each year grow—in the same way Power of the Pen did 21 years ago—until the entire State benefits from the program.

Like POP, Power of the Pencil will make available three offerings—yet tailor them specifically for 5th and 6th graders. Here’s an overview of the curriculum:

1. Instruction
Schools enrolling in Power of the Pencil will receive Creative Writing Curriculum Guides and Training featuring a variety of instructional supplemental units designed to enhance current in-class curriculum.

Some samples:

  • Word Portraits: Discover who we are by exploring the many facets if of our outer shells and our inner feelings.
  • Naturally Speaking: A focus on the world of nature and the basic elements that govern our lives.
  • Poetic Push-Ups: Exercises that demonstrate that poetry is more than rhyme. Writers experience the fun of using such “figures of speech” as imagery, simile, metaphor, alliteration, onomatopoeia and experiment with the different shapes that a poem can take
  • The Language of Laughter: Writers can have fun with words through the writing of wacky wisdom, silly sentiments, tangy tongue twisters, and tall tales. Student work produced from the above, judged to be the best, will be published and distributed annually as a best-practices teaching tutorial.

2. Recognition

  • Every school registered in Power of the Pencil receives a School Membership Certificate.
  • Every writer who completes all of the writing assignments receives a Certificate of Performance
  • Teachers are entitled to submit two products for each assignment completed in the classroom. These Best-of-Class entries will be judged for additional awards and publication.

3. Cross-Pollination of Best Practices
As is the case with Power of the Pen, an Advisory Council representing elementary educators and administrators statewide will be seated and convened annually to monitor outcomes, recommend program enhancements, and facilitate dissemination of best-practices through grassroots sharing.

If your school district would like to participate in Power of the Pencil, contact us for more information.


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